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Virtual Certificate Training

 Instructions for Virtual Certificate Training:

Thank you for using our Virtual Certificate Training Center. We are working to make our Virtual Training Certificate a more convenient training resource. These one hour recordings provide a quick way for you to learn information on topics of interest to you as a parent and get training credit for up to 1.5 hours.  All the trainings are with people who have expertise in the area of adoption,foster care, special needs and parenting. Families will be able to access our online training by following these simple steps:

Step 1Identify training of interest and choose from the titles below. Limited to 4 training requests per week.

Step 2– Call The Georgia Center toll free at 1-866-272-7368 or locally at 404-929-0401 and request the test and required access code that matches the training you wish to review. Allow at least 24 hours to receive the test and access code.

Step 3 - Once you have received the test and access code you are ready to start the training, Complete required registration information and submit. 

Step 4-Allow a few minutes for training to download (if you are experiencing any problems please contact The Georgia Center toll free at 1-866-272-7368 or locally at 404-929-0401)

Step 5-  Trainings must be reviewed in their entirety, from start to finish in order to receive your certificate. This will be verified.

Step 6 – Click on the play icon in the center of the screen. This will start your training. Please feel free to review the training as many times as needed.

*NOTE: No test will be emailed out after 4:00PM on Friday.

To receive training certificate please do the following:

Certificate will be issued via email once the following conditions have been satisfied

  1. You must  successfully completed  the test with 80% accuracy or higher
  2. Verification that the training titles have been reviewed.
  3. Return of evaluations for each test 
  4. You will be notified via email of the results of your test

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-272-7368 or locally at (404) 929-0401. We will be happy to have a conversation with you about this process.


                 Acceptable to Awesome Parenting
                 Accessing Help through the Juvenile Court System  
                 Achieving Permanency Through Guardianship  
                 Adoption Stories
                 Animal Assisted Therapy: How Does it Work?  
                 An Overview of Special Educaiton: What Parents Need to Know  
                 Avoiding Parental Burnout  
                 Basic Trial Skills Every Witness Shoul Know  
                 Becoming a Trauma Responsive Parent for Children and Teens in Foster Care
                 Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) Development for Parents  
                 Behind the Media  
                 Beyond the IEP: What to do when Your IEP/504 plan is not working for your child  
                 Blending Families: Making it Work
                 Blue Christmas: Understanding and Coping with Seasonal Depression
                 Body Boundaries: Respecting Personal Space After Sexual Abuse
                 Brain Food
                 Bridging the Gap: The Importance of Birth Parents Visits While in Care
                 Build Your Home for Relational and Communicaiton Success  
                 Building Self Esteem Part 1: (Children 10 & Under)  
                 Building Self Esteem Part 2: (Adolescents)  
                 Bullying 101- Part 1  
                 Bullying 101- Part 2  
                 Caring for LGBTQ Youth: An Introduction for Foster and Adoptive Parents  
                 Child Development- Gender Development
                 Child Devlopment: When to ask for Help
                 Child Development, Part 1: Parenting Styles
                 Child Development, Part 3: Impact of Multimedia on Children
                 Child Development, Part 4: Aggression to Pro-Social Behavior
                 Child Development, Part 5: Behavioral Nutrition
                 Child Development, Part 6: Disability Awareness, Child Mental Disorders
                 Child Sexual Exploitation Made Clear: Part 1  
                 Child Sexual Exploitation: Part 2- A Virtual Reality  
                 Child Sexual Exploitation: Part 3- Beyond the Basics  
                 Circle of Safety
                 Coping with Foster Parent Grief  
                 Cultivating Balance Between Connection and Competition  
                 Cultural Sensitivity
                 Cultural Sensitivity in the Family  
                 Discipline Through the Years: Ages 0-4
                 Discipline Through the Years: Part 2- Ages 5-7  
                 Does Child Sexual Abuse Cause Mental Illness?  
                 Education Advocacy for Foster and Adoptive Parents  
                 Effective Discipline for All Ages  
                 Effective Discipline for Teenagers  
                 Embracing Anger    
                 Every Student Succeeds Act  
                 Exploring Post-Secondary Financial Aid for Adopted Students  
                 Family & Medical Leave Act & More  
                 Fatherhood in the Adoption and Foster Care System, Part 1  
                 Fatherhood in the Adoption and Foster Care System, Part 2  
                 Financial Planning  
                 Finding Confidence and Healing through Recreational Outlets for your children  
                 Five Love Languages for Children  
                 Five Love Languages for Couples  
                 Foster Care Advocates and Stakeholders, Who are the Participants?  
                 Foster Parent Grievance Process  
                 Gardening: A Tool for Family Well-Being  
                 Georgia Families 360: An Overview of Adoption Assistance  
                 Grandparent/ Relative Adoption  
                 Halloween Can Be a Real Treat  
                 Healthy Learners: Exploring Health Bariers to Learning  
                 Healthy Learners: Focus on Asthma and School Success  
                 Healthy Learners: Focus on Learning Disablities and School Success  
                 Healthy Learners: Focus on Vision and School Success  
                 Here are My Rights  
                 Healing Yourself so You can Heal Your Child  
                 Healthy and Effective Ways to Facilitate Sibling Connection  
                 Hoarding, Stealing and Lying: Survival Tools for Children in Care  
                 Hoarding: "The Impact on the Family"  
                 Holistic Self-Care  
                 How to be a Foster Parent Ally for LGBTQ Youth  
                 How to build Resiliency in Your Child: Being Trauma Informed  
                 How to Prevent your Child from Being Victimized  
                 Importance of Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Child  
                 Inducement- Ways to Respond when Children/ Teens Push you Away  
                 Juvenile Offenses and Consequences  
                 Keeping My Child Cyber Safe  
                 Keys to Achieving and Maintaining Healthy Hair  
                 Let's Talk ABout Anger  
                 Looking Beyond Behavior: Gaining a Trauma Based Understanding to Address Everyday Behaviors  
                 Loss and Separation- Regaining the Balance  
                 Make New Trends but Keep the Old: Celebrating Holidays with Foster and Adoptive Children  
                 Measurement of Wellness  
                 Mobile Device Security For Parents  
                 Modern Family  
                 Money Grows on Trees?  
                 No Body Wants Your Child  
                 Nuts and Bolts of IEP's  
                 Obesity, Eating Behaviors and Mental Health in Foster Care Children  
                 Parental Rights in Special Education  
                 Parenting Children with Challenging Behaviors  
                 Parenting in the 21st Century  
                 Parenting Teens in the 21st Century  
                 Parenting so you work yourself out of a Job  
                 Playing in the Dirt: Using Gardening to Help Transform the Life of a Child  
                 Play Therapy for Thriving Families  
                 Post Adoption Depression  
                 Practice Notes: Child Development 101 Ages 0-12 years  
                 Practice Notes: Confidentiality  
                 Practice Notes: Privacy Matters  
                 Practice Notes: Intrusive Questions, Strategic Answers  
                 Practice Notes: Talking So Your Teen will Listen  
                 Practice Notes: Trauma Informed Care  
                 Practice Notes: Youth Development 101 Ages 13-21 years  
                 Puberty Series, Pt. 1: What's a Girl to Do? Understanding where Trauma and Puberty Intersect  
                 Puberty Series, Pt. 2: What's a Boy to Do? Understanding where Trauma and Puberty Intersect  
                 Putting on the Breaks; A guide to understanding ADHD  
                 Reduce Stress and Self Care More  
                 Re-Framing Poor Eating Habits for Children and Teens in Care  
                 Responding to Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse  
                 Review of Teen Language  
                 Safegaurding Your Marriage after Adoption  
                 Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) for Caregivers  
                 Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) for Professionals  
                 Self-Identity and Self Concept in Youth  
                 Sensory Play and Activities for Children of Trauma and Neglect  
                 Separating the Message from the Behavior  
                 Separation and Loss in Children  
                 Sibling Abuse and Neglect  
                 So Now What? Time Out Didn't Work- Creative Discipline Tools  
                 Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) in Children  
                 Stages of Development for Preteen and Teen Boys  
                 Stepping Into Success: Pt. 1- Building your resume and Finding a job  
                 Stepping Into Success: Pt. 2- Acing the Interview  
                 Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words will Never Hurt Me  
                 Successful Strategies for handling Bullying  
                 Suicide Prevention and Awareness  
                 Taxes are Taxing 2017  
                 Taxes are Taxing 2018  
                 Teach Me How to Love You  
                 Teen Brain Under Construction: Solving the Puzzle of Difficult Behavior  
                 Teen Dating Violence: Adult Presentation  
                 Ten Things Every Foster Parent should know about Dealing with a Defiant Child  
                 Ten Things Every Foster Parent Should Know about Grief and Loss  
                 The Bumpy Brick Road of Puberty  
                 The Effects of Adoption on Marriage  
                 The Effects of Trauma on Behavior  
                 The Firewall Within the Family - Anger  
                 The Impact of Fostering, Kinship Care, and Adoption on Birth Children  
                 The Importance of Stress Management  
                 The Importance of Self Care: Putting Yourself at the Top of Your "To Do" list  
                 The Internet, Friend or Foe? How it effects our children  
                 The Intersection of Child Sex Trafficking and Foster Care  
                 The Relationship between Childhood Trauma and Suicide  
                 The Student Tribunal Process: Protecting the Rights to a Free and Public Education  
                 Tis te Season: Navigating LGBTQ Foster Youth Holiday Experiences  
                 Tools to Help Children Trust Their Caregivers  
                 Trauma 101  
                 Trauma and Mental Health for Foster Care and Adoptive Parents  
                 Trauma and the Rapidly Developing Brain  
                 Trauma Therapy Miracles - EMDR  
                 Transition Aged Youth: Moving towards Independence  
                 Understanding a Child's Journey through Grief and Loss from Birth to Late Adolescence, Pt. 1  
                 Understanding a Child's Journey through Grief and Loss, Pt. 2  
                 Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences  
                 Understanding and Accepting Autism  
                 Understanding and Interacting with Your Child  
                 Understanding Separation and Loss for Foster Parents  
                 Understanding the Impact of Sexual Abuse  
                 Unpacking Your Emotional Suitcase  
                 Video Game Addiction in Youth  
                 Walking With Youth Through Finding their Voice  
                 What is Attachment Disorder: How does it affect me and my child  
                 What's in Your Trauma Toolbox?  
                 Who am I?  
                 Youth Bipolar Disorder  
                 Youth Dating Violence